Strategic Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of social interactions to provide value to companies and brands.

social media marketing isn’t a platform or technology.  It is about understanding how platforms leverage interactions between consumers and companies / brands.

Who is communicating?  User to user?  Business to user?  Is there a conversation?  Its only social if the ad engages the audience and is shared.

Social media marketing helps brands better understand customers, create positive expereinces, and creates relationships with customers.  Content from friends is automatically trusted above content from a sponsor.

Social Media Marketing Planning Process

  1. Develop goals
  2. identify networks
  3. create and curate content
  4. Select technology / platform
  5. Measure and assess

How is Social Media Different?

Budgets are continually shifting towards more social media marketing.  Traditional marketing has the same message shown to a mass audience.  It is a one-to-many relationship.

With social media, focus is more on a conversation.  It is one-to-one or many-to-many, with several important implications:

  • social media users are not passive
    • they can control what they read and the messages conveyed
    • consumers engage in conversation with eachother as well, allowing them to become co createers, increasing authenticity and engagement, but limiting brand control.
  • social media can reach customers that traditional advertising wont
  • social media reaches an audience that is more targeted
    • our friends are more likely to enjoy the same things we do

Makre sure goals are SMART.  Social media marketing objectiives are informed by business objectives.  Goals should be designed towards reaching the more general business goals.

Goals provide the blueprint to actions and provide methods to measure.  Purchase funnel states awareness, knowledge, considerationg, then purchase.  Need to carry the consumer through teh purchase funnel.

Often, we want to motivate towards an action.  This can be a purchase, or a step towards purchase.  Also, try to get current customers to buy more often.

Use social media to crowdsource ideas and respond to customer questions.

How to leverage networks to meet marketing objectives