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I first begin working with Tony Ray Baker in late 2015, when GayTucson was already a few years old and doing relatively well in its space.  It didn’t have great advertising, and the web design left something to be desired, but the relative dearth of competition meant he had a somewhat active following.  It wasn’t enough, however, so I was called in and the first thing I did was inventory his SEO for insights.  The following is a Client Case Study of how I help GayTucson rank higher for more profitable keywords.

What I Did To Improve

Use the following Before-After tool to see what the website was like before I worked on it, then after.  Its a useful tool to clearly see what was accomplished.

[twenty20 img1=”5241″ img2=”5239″ direction=”vertical” offset=”0.5″ align=”none” width=”100%”]

As you can see, the website received a complete graphical revamp in order to feel fresh and current.  The important part, however, is under the hood:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics for GayTucson
Google Analytics for GayTucson

As you can see, after years of being relatively stagnant in its growth, we received an immense stream of traffic at around the beginning of 2016.  Diving deeper, we received a significant uptick in search engine traffic that corresponds with the uptick in activity.  These findings were corroborated by Google Search Console.

Google Search Console (Formerly Webmasters)

Google Search Console for GayTucson
Google Search Console for GayTucson

This isn’t from the same time period at Google Search Console doesn’t keep as much archived data, but it shows the tremendous click activity from Google, along with the low average position for our important keywords.  Please note that the 21.5 avg. position statistic takes into account all keywords that GayTucson ranks for, not necessarily the targeted keywords.

For our targeted keywords, we regularly achieve a 1st – 3rd spot Search Engine Ranking Placement and 20% to 40% click-through-rates.  These are the customers we want, and we are targeting them effectively through short and long-tail keywords.  The best part is these results keep compounding themselves, as we work to create new content to capture more long-tail keywords, we use the Hub and Spoke Content Marketing Model to further reinforce our dominance with the short-tail, targeted keywords.

The Result

Our Search Engine Optimization work, combined with the newer design and layout, resulted in more targeted keywords, thus landing new prospective clients onto better converting pages.  We were able to greatly enhance email signups (over 20% when compared to past periods) and Relocation Package requests, the true money-makers for the website.

We now have a happier website owner doing more business with the very clients he wants to work with.  This Search Engine Optimization Client Case Study is a total success!