The last step in achieving high-quality product shots involves setting up your scene and choosing the appropriate camera settings. This step is crucial as it determines the final appearance of your product in the shot.

Setting Up the Scene

Firstly, invest in a lighting support system and paper backgrounds to create a professional setup. Remember to place sandbags on the sides of the crossbar to prevent sagging due to the weight of the paper backgrounds. If you prefer fabric backgrounds, keep a steam iron handy to smooth out wrinkles.

Create a space that allows you to control reflections effectively. Darker walls can help you better manage how light moves throughout the scene. Flagging off light that isn’t needed for your scene can help create a more focused shot.

Adding a nice flooring can provide a professional touch. Affordable laminate flooring spread across the table can give a great look without breaking the bank.

Choosing the Right Camera Settings

With your subject placed on your surface in front of your background, center your camera on the product and compose your shot. The settings you choose will depend on how you want the shot to look.

For shutter speed, find the fastest speed at which you reach full black, without the flash. This means your camera shutter is blocking out all ambient light, and only the light from your flash will be used by the sensor to expose the scene.

The F-number is more of an artistic choice. For product shots, it’s usually best to go between f8 through f10 so that the entire subject is sharp, without the background interfering with the subject. On APS-C style cameras, due to their cropped image, the furthest depth of field you can achieve is f11 without some kind of diffraction.

In conclusion, achieving the perfect product shot involves careful attention to your scene setup and camera settings. By focusing on these elements, you can create high-quality product shots that accurately and attractively represent your product​​.


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