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The Art of Typography

Best Programs for Typography Adobe InDesign - best for laying the type on the page Adobe Photoshop - best for manipulating the type Adobe Illustrator - used for creating own type styles and fonts Fonts If using...

The Best CSS Libraries You Need To Use

Normalize.css Due to the inherent variation in User Style Sheets, it is important to reset the browser display to ensure you are working with the same layout for all browsers. Normalize.css is the best for...
Website SEO Analysis

Website SEO Analysis Training Notes

These notes are a bit outdated, but the primary form and function of SEO hasn't really changed all that much since 2000.  There are a ton off tools and resources that I will list...

Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming As programs got bigger and bigger, procedural API’s couldn’t scale up OOP became rage in 80’s Object orientation is programming paradigm not a language, the languages are C++, C#, Java, JavaScript,...

Train Your Users with OnBoarding

We slave over our interactive projects as if they were our children, but we rarely focus on the other side until deployment.  There is of course UX, which offers us a framework to build...

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