Sunday, December 17, 2017
Legit Slangs Boise Live Hip Hop Music Group
My Montage Video for President Obama
Vegas XXX, my amazing puppy and her incredible abilities :)

Guard Your Grill

You are about to meet my dog, Vegas XXX!  I love her with all my heart but she is a very naughty puppy :)  When she lived with my...
All Night Comedy Funny Movie Starring james Portis

All Night

All Night is a comedy movie in which I starred taking place in Boise, ID. Here is a clip from one of my scenes!
High School Hell Scary Horror Movie Starring james Portis

High School Hell

Here is a short horror video I starred in! Enjoy!
James Portis Headshots

Photo Gallery

Here are some fun pics that I took with the many great photographers I have been lucky enough to work with!
TMK Tucson Street Art Video Produced by James Portis

Tucson Street Art Video

Check out this new video production I made with Tucson's Most Known, a local group of street artists working in Tucson, Arizona.